Iron Drawing ImageSharp version

IronDrawing SixLabors.ImageSharp Dependency Version Issue

The SixLabors.ImageSharp dependency for IronDrawing now has two widely used but incompatible versions: version 2 and 3.
IronDrawing by default is depending on SixLabors.ImageSharp v2.1.3. If you use this version throughout your solution you will not experience the issue described.
Possible Exceptions:
  • System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void SixLabors.ImageSharp.
  • System.MissingMethodException: 'Method not found: 'Void SixLabors.ImageSharp.


The release of SixLabors.ImageSharp version 3 introduced breaking changes of public API, and removed support for legacy frameworks (below .NET 6). In order to support those using legacy versions of .NET we are using v2.1.3. But users with SixLabors.ImageSharp v3 installed or with it as a dependency would get a version conflict.

Full SixLabors annoucement here


In order to use IronSoftware products - which are dependent on IronDrawing - in conjunction with SixLabors.ImageSharp v3 please install the pre-release version of IronSoftware.System.Drawing v.2023.4.2-prerelease package which enables support of SixLabors.ImageSharp v3.