Timeout while rendering PDF

  • Unable to Render PDF from HTML
  • Unable to Render PDF from URL
  • Error while generating PDF from HTML
  • Error while generating PDF from URL
  • Unspecified native exception

These generic error messages denote that the Chrome rendering engine has indicated a failure.

The IronSoftwareEngine.log will contain the reason for the failure when IronPdf.Logging.Logger.EnableDebugging = true

Render Delay and Render Timeout

  • Timeout after 60s while rendering pdf from HTML
  • Timeout after 60s while rendering pdf from URL
  • Timeout while generating PDF from HTML
  • Timeout while generating PDF from URL
  • Timeout while rendering PDF from HTML
  • Timeout while rendering PDF from URL

IronPDF's default rendering timeout is 60* seconds. 

  • Not setting a timeout, or having a render delay longer than the set timeout, will produce the above Timeout / Unable to Render/Error while generating exceptions.

To override the default setting, adjust the  RenderingOptions.Timeout .

RenderingOptions.Timeout = 120; // seconds;
RenderingOptions.RenderDelay = 30000; //milliseconds

For further information about logs and reporting an error to our engineers for review, please see How to Make an Engineering Support Request for IronPDF.

*Timeout was changed from 30 seconds to 60 seconds as of version 2021.12.4495