IronPDF Native Exception

IronPDF has thrown an unhandled exception in C++ native code. This normally relates to our use of the Google Chromium HTML Renderer and we want to fix it. Knowledge on this exception will grow as issues are reported and resolved.

Please send an email bug report to for a senior engineer to review the issue.  

Attaching Log Files to your bug report more than doubles the probability that we can isolate the issue and solve it rapidly.

How to Enable Native Logging in IronPDF

Attaching Log Files to a bug report more than doubles the probability that we can isolate the issue and solve it rapidly.

Place this at the top of your code, prior to running any IronPDF methods (all versions after 2021.3.1).

IronPdf.Logging.Logger.EnableDebugging = true;

IronPdf.Logging.Logger.LogFilePath = "Default.log"; //May be set to a directory name or full file

IronPdf.Logging.Logger.LoggingMode = IronPdf.Logging.Logger.LoggingModes.All;

Log files created by IronPDF are typically found in the /bin directory of your project where your DLLs are deployed, or you may set a custom IronPdf.Logging.Logger.LogFilePath

  • default.log (Deployment process)
  • cef.log (Rendering)
  • IronSoftwareCefSubprocess.log. (Rendering & Threading)
  • IronSoftwareEngine.log (Useful for debugging exceptions beginning with "Error generating PDF from..." )

Cloud Servers often have specific locations for log files. We have guides for generating log files in Azure and AWS.