EULA Adjustments

Can I customize the EULA for my license?

Bespoke Licenses: The EULA is set for all licenses. Any EULA customizations require a bespoke license purchase and can be arranged by contacting

EULA adjustments are available for the following:

  • Unlimited licenses
  • Unlimited Suite licenses

As noted in paragraph b section 11. General Provisions of the Iron Software EULA, Iron Software's EULA shall not be modified or amended except by a written instrument, signed by both parties. The version of this Agreement posted to Iron’s website is the current set of Terms that Iron may modify from time to time. For each Order placed by Company, the current version of this Agreement will apply to that Order, unless the parties have otherwise signed a hard copy or digital version of these Terms independent of the web-based Terms, in which case the signed version of the Terms will control.

A full copy of our EULA is available for download here:

To receive a personal quote, please contact Support with any redline changes you require.

Please Note:

  • EULA adjustments start at $1500 USD.
  • Additional reviews after the first are charged at a set rate of $500 per review.
  • Indemnity adjustments are not included in the initial or review fee. Fees for indemnity adjustments start at an additional $2000 USD.
  • If required, additional legal fees charged are determined by the changes made and time required by our legal representatives to review and make those changes. Only actual working time is charged. Full fees are to be agreed upon prior to payment.
  • Legal fees agreed upon are to be paid up-front prior to adjustment.
  • Legal fees are non-refundable.