License Usage

I purchased an Iron Software License, can I use it for my client(s) project(s)?

The short answer is yes. All of our licenses are intended for use either on internal company projects or to cover your client needs.

  • Lite License - Coverage for 1 developer in 1 location to build 1 application.
  • Professional License - Coverage for up to 10 developers (in the same organization) in 10 locations to build up to 10 applications.
  • Unlimited License - Coverage for an unlimited number of developers (in the same organization) in unlimited locations to build an unlimited number of applications.

That said, there are some things to be aware of:

  1. All licenses are non-transferrable.
  2. Single client projects are covered with a basic license, but redistribution coverage is legally required for coverage of software products, SaaS services, and OEM royalty-free redistribution.
  3. If a client intends to use a product for redistribution purposes, the client will need to purchase a corresponding license.
  4. Redistribution is only available at Professional and Unlimited license levels.

Full licensing terms can be seen here: Iron Software EULA

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