Upgrading & New License Structure

Why should I consider upgrading to the new license structure instead of just extending support on my current license?

In early 2021 Iron Software's license structure was reimagined, taking 30 license options and honing them down to 3 base options to allow our customers a broader spectrum of use cases under each license and to greatly simplify the overall licensing process.

Although some legacy extension options will remain, the previous licensing structure and many of its extension options have been phased out 

Note: License use and perpetual coverage remain constant and active subscriptions on 'legacy licenses' will not be affected unless adjusted or cancelled.

8 Reasons to Consider an Upgrade:

  1. Simplicity - Each new license type is clearly defined.
  2. Little to No additional cost - In many instances, the cost to upgrade is equivalent in price to a Technical Support & Updates extension.
  3. One license covers both internal projects and individual client projects.
  4. Add Royalty-Free Redistribution (1 time purchase to accompany your Professional or Unlimited license)
  5. Increase developer count
  6. Increase location count
  7. Access to our new Support & Updates extension options (Yearly Subscription, 1 Year Pack, 5 Year Pack)
  8. Ability to upgrade to an Iron Suite (5 .NET Products for the Price of 2)

Upgrade your Iron Software license today:

IronPDF (Read, edit & sign. HTML to PDF for .NET)
IronOCR (Image to text in 127 languages. OCR for .NET)
IronXL (No Office Interop. Excel for .NET)
IronBarcode (Read + Write. QR & Barcode for .NET)
IronWebscraper (Extract data. Content scraper for .NET) 

Please do not hesitate contact our Sales & Support team regarding any Available Upgrade Discounts or with any questions you may have.

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